mix. whisk. bake.

happy birthday, girlfriend.

I love making birthday cakes.  They are so personal and unique to each person.  This past weekend we celebrated my roommate’s birthday with all things coconut and all things Yoda.  It was awesome.  I do my best baking late at night when everyone is asleep and all you can hear is the sound of the Kitchen Aid mixer and the smell of sugar.  I started baking the cake at 1am in the morning and 20 eggs, 6 sticks of butter and many dirty bowls and spatulas later, this behemoth of a cake emerged.  Here are six layers of cake and coconut cream surrounded by a crumb coat, waiting to get a final layer of frosting.  The crumb coat prevents any bumps and imperfections of the cake to be hidden in a layer of buttery goodness!

The next afternoon while Michele and her family were at Disneyland, I finished off the cake with a final layer of Italian buttercream and toasted some coconut flakes to coat the side of the cake.

The last thing to do before the crowd arrived was to express my birthday wishes in chocolate writing!  Happy Birthday, Girlfriend…

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3 thoughts on “happy birthday, girlfriend.

  1. It was absolutely delicious!

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you guys enjoyed it. Michele took some to her work, and we STILL have about 6 slices that we put in the freezer… for emergencies, ya know! 😛

  3. Michele on said:

    I have no problem negating any January weight loss by eating that cake. It was worth it.

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