mix. whisk. bake.

i love you, i love you not.

There are many things in life that keep me on a rollercoaster of “love/hate”. These things would include: Uncle Sam, our couch which always makes me succumb to sleepiness once I lie down, Orange County, bangs… One more thing I can add to this list are French macarons. These aren’t the coconut macaroons that you can find in your local grocery store bakery. No, these are those little, delicate sandwich cookies made from almond flour and egg whites, and come in any flavor imaginable. In the pastry world, there are only a few chefs who are known for mastering these confections. In my world, I have yet to conquer the beast, although I try.

Strawberry, lemon, green tea, chocolate… these are the few flavors I have dabbled with. More often than not, half of the macarons have ended up in the trash (which KILLS me at $12 a pound for almond flour) or placed back in the abyss of our refrigerator due to cracking of the outer shell or an undercooked center. The other half do make it into the mouths of the masses, and I have to admit that when they do turn out right, they are just a picture of perfection.

So, the next time you see any of these at a specialty bakery, I dare you to try one. It’s unlike any other cookie you’ve probably tasted. And in honor of World Nutella Day, I present to you: Chocolate Macarons with a Nutella Buttercream filling. Yum.

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