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oh l’amour…

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to spread the love to one of my readers out there. – chirp. chirp…  Is anyone out there?

Well, I guess the only way to really find out if anyone is reading, is to give away something for FREE!  I made these cookies tonight to resemble those candy hearts with the cheesy phrases on them that say something like “BE MINE” or “TAKE A HIKE”  Ha!  Well, half a dozen of these tasty treats will be shipped to a random commenter, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  So leave your comment below and give me some ideas of what type of “cheesy” phrases I can pipe onto these cookies!

Leave a comment by Wednesday, February 10th at MIDNIGHT, one comment per person, and a winner will be chosen by random, the next morning.  And even better – SUBSCRIBE to my blog and you will be automatically notified of upcoming giveaways!  Good luck!

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19 thoughts on “oh l’amour…

  1. I am reading your blog and I find it to be quite entertaining!

    How about: “All you need is love”

    “Love stinks”

    “Team Edward”

    “BFF” or “besties” as Madison would say!

  2. How about: “You complete me!” Hahahaha!!

  3. These treats look so tasty! Great photos. They make me think words like “yum,” “tasty,” or “mmm” would look good on those cookies. Will look forward to seeing more on your blog!

  4. If I win, I want one that says “Eat me”!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I do read your postings all the time (don’t include me in you drawing, it wouldn’t fair if your mama happened to win!), everything you put out looks yummy and I’ve tasted some of your creations and they are yummy.

  6. One cookie says ‘I love you’
    The other cookie sayd ‘Ditto’

  7. Jeannette on said:

    Who can pass up a chance for free cookies?!?

    How about…
    “forever yours”
    “bite me”
    “I ❤ you"

  8. First time poster, long time listener here. If I win, could I get cookies that are modeled on despair.com’s BitterSweets (see http://despair.com/bittersweets.html)? They remind me of the annual Stanford party “love sucks”.

  9. Shannon M. Banks on said:

    These are sooo very cute!!! Very good idea and much better then those icky heat candies….hopfully much tastier!!!! Awsome….delicious…..amazing……love you….want u….just becuz these are just a few of the cheezy sayings that I think would be cute on the cookies…

  10. Shannon M. Banks on said:

    oops heart candies

  11. I love these cookies! How about one of these:

    “My Love”
    “I Want You”
    “Got Milk”
    “Te Amo”

  12. Joanna Glbert-Hilton on said:

    My Sweet Valentine

  13. luv ur site, shauna! you are going to become famous!! just look at all the masterpieces you create!!!

    “txt me”

  14. CT Cruiser on said:

    ooohh…cookies. They look good! How about:

    “I Less than 3 You”
    “Nothing Gold Ever Stays…”

  15. I heart those cookies.

  16. Cindy G. on said:

    “I Wuv You”

    hope i win

  17. Josh Melissa on said:

    “you’re tweet”

    yay shauna!!!

  18. I thought I’d try and offer more of “today” comments:

    “text ONLY”
    "tweet me"
    "nom nom"

    and specifically for you Shauna since I like brown-nosing lol 😉
    "top chef"
    "recipe 4 love"

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