mix. whisk. bake.

so long, cupid.

Another Valentine’s Day came and went.  What better way to help Cupid spread the love than marshmallows!?  I’m sorry Cupid, but I think making home-made marshmallows is much more magical than what your so-called arrow can do!  Turning a pot of boiling sugar and water into a cloud of fluffy sweetness can melt any heart.  And seriously, once you have tasted home-made marshmallows and plopped them into a cup of hot cocoa or squeezed them between a layer of graham crackers and chocolate – there is no going back to the packaged, store-bought ones that have been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long!  Yes, home-made marshmallows are a good thing.

Below are some pictures of making peppermint marshmallows with pink marbling on top.  It’s too late to order any for Valentine’s Day, but I’m thinking Easter is around the corner.  How about some home-made “Peeps” for my peeps?

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3 thoughts on “so long, cupid.

  1. Hey Shauna! When my mom and sister tried them it was like they died and went to heaven. They could not stop talking about how DELICIOUS they were. There’s always St. Patricks Day. Green swirls!!!

  2. Peep, Peep! Great idea!

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