mix. whisk. bake.

espresso gelato = good stuff.

The other night I got to break in my new Cuisinart ice cream maker.  I made Espresso Gelato for a get together last night with some friends.  And I gotta tell you, that Cuisinart is pretty darn fabulous!  So fabulous, that if my house was in the path of a roaring fire and I had to evacuate and take only 4 things with me – this would be one of them (the others being my passport, my mac mini, and my Sylvester Stallone movies)!  Anyways, I highly recommend making your own ice cream if you ever have the chance.  Store bought ice cream cannot compare – and it is so easy to make and you only need about 4 ingredients!  The only caveat being, if you are having a sudden craving for ice cream that cannot wait – then just drive yourself to the nearest store and pick up some Haagen Daaz – because you won’t be eating this ice cream for another day or so!  Yes, there does need to be some prep time:  time to freeze your ice cream container, time to refrigerate the custard, time to churn it, and then time to do a final freeze before serving, depending on how firm you want your frozen dessert.  But it is OH SO WORTH IT!

Espresso Gelato

The ingredients:  egg yolks, sugar, milk, espresso powder.

The process:  mix.  churn.  freeze.

(This last picture you’ll see a little skull and crossbones sign – that means “Hands off!” to the little “mice” who come creeping in with munchies at midnight!)

The outcome:  yum.

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2 thoughts on “espresso gelato = good stuff.

  1. That is a dessert I would love! Your pics are great too!

  2. I loved it!!!!

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