mix. whisk. bake.

you can’t have ice cream without cake.

…well, in my world, you can’t!  Especially if you are having guests over.  As a continuation of the post below,  in addition to making gelato, I also whipped together a three layer chocolate cake with Italian buttercream and milk and dark chocolate shavings…  you know, in my spare time and all.

This chocolate cake recipe is the jiggity bomb.  Usually, I’m always talking about how you should always use really good European chocolate in your recipes (Callebaut from Belgium, Valhrona from France, Lindt from Switzerland) but what surprised me about this recipe, is that it comes straight from the good ‘ol American kitchen of Hershey’s!  You can’t see it, but I just did a fist pump!  There are just a few things in this world that conjure feelings of American patriotism:  the Olympics, when Rocky fights Drago, and when you can find good American chocolate recipes!!

Such a simple recipe.  Such a perfect chocolate cake.

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3 thoughts on “you can’t have ice cream without cake.

  1. Cake looks delicious, you know when my birthday is!

  2. OMG sooooo good – I can attest to the deliciousness

  3. I second Lyn’s response. It was OHHHH SOOOO GOOD!!!

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