mix. whisk. bake.

keep frozen.

Typically, those two words – “keep frozen” – are words that you don’t want to associate with your desserts, unless it’s ice cream or cold coconut cake… mmm cake.   I digress.  Anyways, you certainly don’t want  it to describe French macarons!  I think I’ve become a dessert snob.  I’m sorry – it just happened.  I don’t know what has come over me.  I think the fact that I know there are some good desserts out there that are so easy to make – why go and buy one filled with artificial stuff and has been sitting out on the shelf for months?  I don’t know, that’s just me.

My sister passed along this article from the Wall Street Journal and I was completely flabbergasted at the fact that Trader Joe’s and Starbucks sell French macarons.  The article also said that McDonald’s in France – also known as McDo to the Parisians – makes and sells macarons too.  Now, I’m not so upset about “McDo” selling them – because let’s face it – food cannot go wrong in France!  I don’t know what they do to them cows, but that Big Mac I got near the Champs Elysees was tre magnifique!  Mwah!

trader joes macaronsI’m not one to dismiss something without first doing a thorough analysis of all the variables, so the first opportunity I had to visit Trader Joe’s, I forced myself to enter the frozen food section and pick up, what apparently TJ’s is marketing as checker pieces.  A box of 12 comes  in flavors of vanilla and chocolate and will cost you about $5.  Now, this is a deal I guess, considering macarons go for about $1.50 – $3.00 EACH in bakeries.  Well, after taste testing them, I have come to a conclusion that I was right the first time, and I wasted $5 just to prove it!  It wasn’t that they were inedible, but they just didn’t taste how macarons should taste.  The chocolate ones tasted like brownies.  The vanilla ones were a tad bit better, according to 3 out of 4 macaron aficionados (see, I told you I do official laboratory testing!). Yes kids, lesson learned – don’t buy a French macaron that has been sitting in the freezer section for who knows how long, unless your missing some of your checker pieces and really have the urge to “king” your opponent.


TJ vanilla

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4 thoughts on “keep frozen.

  1. Two afterthoughts in regard to this posting:

    1. Exceptions to my law of forbidden store shelf treats: Hostess apple pies and chocolate cupcakes. Yeah, that’s right, I said hostess. apple. pie.

    2. I just had the urge to make some French macarons… flavor suggestions anyone??? Anyone???

  2. How about peanut butter flavored. Have you done raspberry?

  3. What about blueberry! Oh, and rose water! Maybe fig?? Shoo…cherry too!

  4. Michele on said:

    HAHAHA, checkers!!! I just read this and thought it was so funny.

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