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march 2010 in review.

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts this past month.  March came and went like a blink of an eye.  It was a blur to me, mostly because of this:

Yup, after 2 years in Fullerton, we finally moved out and I had to say goodbye to my grandiose kitchen.  Goodbye, stainless steel appliances.  Goodbye, large kitchen island.  Goodbye, counter space.  Sigh.  Most of my baking pans, mixing bowls and spatulas are either being held hostage in storage or in the trunk of my car.  You won’t be seeing a lot of baking in the next month due to uh, transitional difficulties, but I will keep you entertained, nonetheless.

In the meantime, here is a pictorial March in review of things baked and unbaked:

The month started off with Salvador Dali and a salt dough project.  It was for my Garde Manger class – I was trying to express my inner abstractness.  Here I am trying to explain what it’s supposed to be to my class.  I think I confused them – that is, until I started talking about tapas.

March also started the beginning of birthday season for me.  In March and April I will have celebrated 8 birthdays.  I wish I could have made a cake (or requested apple crisp) for each of the birthday boys and girls, but as I already explained above – too many technical difficulties, so instead I handed out IOU’s payable in buttercream.  The stars aligned for a few lucky ones who were able to collect on their cupcakes:

Vanilla cupcakes with 3 buttercream flavors:  vanilla, lemon and orange.

Easter came early this year!  What was up with that?  Don’t get me wrong – I am all about celebrating the most awesome expression of Jesus’ love a month earlier, but shoo… I didn’t even get to make homemade marshmallow peeps!  I’m just saying…  I bought carrot and bunny cookie cutters just for the occasion.  Oh well, I was able to eek out some easter egg sugar cookies in the midst of packing up our kitchen.  They were for my mom – and she finished it off with her creativity.  We make a great team.

And that was my March.  I know we’re almost halfway into April – I’ll try to catch up.  But look out for upcoming posts on making the most of my ice cream maker while on a baking hiatus, bakery tours, and trying to find kitchens to bake in and lay down my weary Kitchen Aid mixer.

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2 thoughts on “march 2010 in review.

  1. Mew. Apple crisp. Maybe when we get our toaster oven you can give it a whirl and bake me a crisp! Haha!

  2. The cupcakes look absolutely yummy. Nice decorations!

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