mix. whisk. bake.

if you can’t stand the heat…

…stay in the kitchen!!  Boy, it was hot today wasn’t it?  Shoo, how would I know – I was in the kitchen all day!  Thanks to Bastille Day, I spent most of my work shift making 400 French macarons (which yields 200 when sandwiched together by Italian buttercream) and mini berry tarts.  And I’ll just tell ya – I’m tired.  I’m spent.  Yeah, yeah, I know – all the “real” chefs are scoffing because I’m complaining about a 9 hour work day and didn’t spend my whole 24 hours sweating over a stove.  Well, what can I say?  When a girl’s tired, she’s tired.  And when she’s starting to get carpal tunnel on her wrist from mixing and whisking, it hurts.  And when all her belongings are tinged with sticky sugar, hand her a Wet-Nap.  Sheesh, take it easy on me!

But, my summer internship is going great!  I’m learning how to work quicker and more efficiently in a commercial kitchen and getting a lot of good catering tips from the other chefs in the kitchen.  It’s almost a shame that I don’t experiment more at home.  But, I guess it’s true – if you are cooking or baking all day, the last thing you want to do when you get home is pick up a whisk!  Fortunately, I am still happy and willing to bake for special occasions!  This past weekend I made about 100 chocolate, strawberry and lemon cupcakes with Italian buttercream for my sis’ graduation party…

best.  cupcakes.  ever.

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One thought on “if you can’t stand the heat…

  1. Yeah, they were!! I just got an RSVP from Naomi for our cookie partay! She is booking a flight as we speak!

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