mix. whisk. bake.

when is it not birthday season???

It seems like I am always saying, “it’s birthday season – gotta make a cake!”.  I just realized, that pretty much the entire year has become “birthday season” for me, ever since I announced my path towards becoming a pastry chef.  I’m definitely not complaining – I love making cakes and cupcakes (and now more often requests for cakepops!) for my friends and family… and friends of family… and family of friends!  Ha!  Like I said, it’s birthday season!

Here are two birthday cakes for a couple of November babies!  First was a “cheese” cake for my roommate’s dad.  Born in Wisconsin, we figured we should take him back to his roots – and what better way than with a wheel of Wisconsin cheddar!  My favorite part about making this cake?  When I heard that my roommate’s mom said, “What kind of  cheese is it?”  Ha!  Perfect!


The next cake I made was for one of the coolest kids I know – my nephew.  When this kid wants a cake made – he is serious!!  He sketched out a picture for me, complete with the flavors that he wanted and colors!  How could I say no to making a 3-D version of a castle on his 9th birthday?  I couldn’t, so right after I made the Wisconsin Cheese cake, I took a 5 minute break, then started rolling out fondant at 11pm the same night to finish the other cake – both which were due on the same day!  It was so worth the lack of sleep to see the thrill in that little dude’s eyes when he saw his cake.  I hope it met his standards!


So, the rest of November will continue to be birthday season – as I have a couple more celebrations this month.  And just a warning for any December babies – I’m sorry y’all – I will be taking a hiatus from birthday cakes, and the only birthday I will be celebrating that month is the birth of baby Jesus!  Hurray – Christmas!!!  But of course, since I am a sucker for a party, I am not opposed to making a birthday trifle… or even a birthday buche de noel… oh alright, I’ll make your cake!!

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2 thoughts on “when is it not birthday season???

  1. You should make a calendar of all your monthly birthday cakes!

  2. The cheese cake is GENIOUS!! I love it. And it looks amazing! I love that your nephew wanted a castle. I wanted a castle once… it was pink and sparkly. Way to make it a manly castle. Good work!

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