mix. whisk. bake.

Napa High School Spiritleaders Silent Auction, Carneros Inn

This past Sunday I provided the desserts for NHS Spiritleaders fundraising event.  They are a nationally ranked team and due to budget cuts, their funding has been cut.  Each year they do a silent auction fundraiser and I was asked by one of the committee members if I could provide desserts for the event.  Here are some pictures below.  Thank you so much to my family and friends who helped me mix, whisk, and bake these desserts into submission!  Ha!





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5 thoughts on “Napa High School Spiritleaders Silent Auction, Carneros Inn

  1. Renee Culverhouse on said:

    Shauna, you did an amazing job! Everybody loved your desserts! The mini s’more tartlets and whoopie pies went quick! People were coming by looking for them…..I have a parents meeting on Dec. 1st and will let you know the feedback I get……..all good, but will be nice for you to hear! I think it would of been better for you to stick around awhile and answer questions……guests would of loved to talk to you…..maybe even order some goodies……..thank you so much I know that you put alot of effort into the display, baking, planning, etc. UNDERGROUND BAKERY ROCKS!!!!!!

    P.S. Love the pic of you with the display of goodies…….you look like a celebrity!

    • Hi Renee, thanks so much for trusting me to do the desserts for your event. I had a lot of fun creating the menu and making all the desserts. I look forward to hearing the feedback and again, if you have other events or know someone who is interested in my services, please let me know!

  2. Eric Ramirez on said:

    The awesome thing is that the desserts look just as good as they appear! I was fortunate enough to get to taste the Marshmallows, Chocolate Expresso Shortbread, and the Chai Cupcakes. Unfortunately, I was only able to try only one of each. I could have eaten a plate of each! I was reluctant at first about the Chai cupcakes as I was never fond of Chai. But, after that cupcake you made me a fan. The ingredients complimented each other well and made for a unique and wonderful treat. Keep up the good work. I’ll be the first one in line when you open up shop!

  3. Oh man… I wish I had been there to enjoy these yummy goodies. They look delicious! I also love all the plates you used. It’s a nice display of your wonderful desserts. Thank goodness for family and friends to help. I’m so excited to see what you are up to!!

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