mix. whisk. bake.

and the winner is…

Hey you – you are a winner!  See, I remembered!  Peppermint pinwheels are awaiting in my kitchen to be delivered to one lucky person who commented on their favorite Christmas cookie.  Who knew snickerdoodles were a fave of the holidays?  I like to think of them as year-round kinda cookies – but who am I question the masses?  Anyhoo.  Before I announce the winner, I’d like to share pictures from my trip to the L.A. Times Test Kitchen!  The whole experience was really fun – meeting the other winners, tasting their cookies, and taking pictures with our cookies and kitchen utensils!  Good times.

I am so very grateful that downtown L.A. is so easy to navigate.  I had no problems at all finding the building – and you know how I am with directions!

They made their test kitchen look like the inside of a regular ‘ol kitchen – but I sure do wish I had a kitchen like that!  I was envious of all that counterspace!

I was also envious of this sign they kept in the test kitchen!  Where can I get one of those?  There is definitely a need for the warning when I do a mass amount of baking… to keep the “critters” away!  I’ll just have to make do with my makeshift drawing of a skull with crossbones that I attach to my baked goods…  There’s nothing like a naked skull to tell ya to “Beat it!”.

Instead of taking the sign, I got to take home this little souvenir!  They gave us official L.A. Times Reporter’s Notebooks!  It’s a paper pad I can use to interrogate my roommate, “Where were you on the night of the crime?”  Actually, I’m just using it to write down my recipes for the next day.  Yeah, way more practical.

So, there they are – in all their glory!  The Top 10 cookies of the LA Times Holiday Cookie Bakeoff!  I had some stiff competition – a little girl with her silver bells and a woman with a 100 year old keeflees recipe!  People brought out the big guns…

And then there are these little gems.  It’s the swirls that do it for me… and the burst of peppermint when you bite into one.  Oh yeah.

And here we all are!  I’m surrounded by winners!  The “real” photos and cookie recipes will be available in the December 16th print issue, and I belive they will be posting more pictures online.

But wait!!!  Drumroll, please…..  Robyn Chaney, you don’t have to wait until the 16th to get your peppermint pinwheels – because you are the big winner of the cookie giveaway!!!  You go, Glen Coco!  Your cookies are on their way!  Have a great Christmas!!


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