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4th Annual Christmas Cookie “Sweatshop” – Bay Area Edition

This past Saturday was our annual cookie “sweatshop” party.  If you didn’t go – boy you missed out!  This may well have been the best one yet… of course, this is only the fourth.  I think what makes the party so fun is everyone’s enthusiasm about the whole thing – people count down, people travel over 400 miles away and people decorate and eat cookies!  Boy, can they decorate!  I am absolutely amazed by the creativity of my friends and family when it comes to cookie decorating, as you will see later on.

But first – the desserts!  Just so you know, this party lasts 7 hours – it’s like a work day!  So, everyone definitely needs some sugar to keep them energized.  How about a macaron tree?

The dessert table changes every year, but there are a few oldies but goodies that stick around – such as the chocolate espresso shortbread, the now famous peppermint pinwheels, and “frosty balls” – my version of the russian tea cookie or mexican wedding cookie – or whatever you choose to call it!

For the non-cookie eaters, there is always some sort of candy, custard-type dessert, and brownies or bars.  This year I made peppermint marshmallows and peppermint white chocolate bark, panna cotta and grape gelee shooters, and my sister was in charge of the chocolate toffee bars – which were a hit!  Do we have a baker in the making???

Did everyone get their sugar fix?  No?  Here are more pictures:

I hope everyone enjoyed their time at the party.  I enjoy every minute of it and even though every year afterwards I shout, “Never again!” after going through 25 pounds of flour, I am already thinking up desserts for the next year.  If you would like a recipe for any of the desserts you see above, shoot me an e-mail at mixwhiskbake @ yahoo.com.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh – and I can’t leave without showing you the REAL masterpieces of the party!  Here are the best of the best decorated sugar cookies from our guests.  Awesome, right?  I can’t even compare!!!

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