mix. whisk. bake.


It’s funny how so much changes in just one year.  Last year I was in the company of these fine people – yelling at each other about how not to make our gingerbread carousel tip over in our Advanced Baking class!  Oh, how I miss those guys!

It was also about this time, last year, that after making 1000 cookies for our annual cookie party, that I rallied the troops (sisters and mother and roommate) and we banged out about 200 of these little guys for a wedding reception.  Happy Anniversary, by the way, Mel and Josh!

And it was about this time that I was stressing out about my final project in Advanced Baking and  coerced my sister and roommate into eating about 20 green tea chocolate truffles…just to get it right.

So yeah, one year – many changes. I’m back in the office and out of school (a bakery job has been put on the backburner for now), I moved from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay Area, and I’m sitting here freezing my arse off, instead of leaving the A/C on in December.  Yet, there are still similarities from last year to this year:  I’m still making hundreds of cookies for Christmas orders, Val and Michele still dare not eat any dessert with matcha green tea in it (they are ruined forever!), and please, please, no one ask me to make anything architectually out of gingerbread – I still shudder at the thought of spackling royal icing onto inedible panels of gingerbread!  I only hope that 2011 brings on more changes – because who wants to stay the same year after year?  I sure don’t!  Bring it on 2011!!

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