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valentine’s day is ov-ah!

So did everyone survive the Day of Amore???  I hope so!  It was a busy week for me leading up to Valentine’s Day.  There were lots of people who wanted sweets for their sweets!  I pretty much slept only 3 hours per night and did baking in between my other jobs.  Yep, it got done – all the orders were filled, but then I got sick.  Ah well, some soup and a leftover cupcake will make it all better!

My roommate made this awesome order form to keep me organized.  She rocks.  And yes – with all those orders, I definitely needed to be organized.

shortbread + hearts = a good idea.  I loved making these, especially with shortbread dough!  Mixed with the royal icing, and it cuts down on the overall sweetness of the cookie.

I had an order for some cookies for a Valentine themed baby shower.  That’s the reason for “Burp Me”.  Otherwise… it’s not so romantic, is it?  Dude… I hope not…

French macarons are quite lovely.  Those French – they are romantic folk, right?  Well, then it’s a given that these cookies would be too!  I had lots of orders for these.  I think I liked making up the packaging almost as much as making the macarons.  So cute…

Then there were the cupcakes.  Adorable little guys.  Chocolate, vanilla bean and red velvet topped with italian buttercream flavored with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla bean.  Have you had one of these yet?  Well why not?  Ok, maybe next February…. or this Easter.

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