mix. whisk. bake.

april showers bring… well, may showers!

how are you all liking this crazy weather?  it seems like it has been winter since last october!  i’m not complaining – we need the rain, and i’ll take snuggling up in a blanket over sweating in my kitchen any old day!

so wow – how quickly a month passes by when you have cakes to make!  it seemed like everyone was celebrating – and that’s exactly how i like it!!  i didn’t want a whole month to go by without posting something on the blog, so here are some pictures of cakes and desserts that i made this month!  thanks to those of you who have been patient and have kept up with the blog!  exciting things are in store, and i’m hoping to share it with you all very, very soon!!  until then, eat some cake!

fresh strawberry fruit tart with vanilla pastry cream and pate sucree crust

mini blueberry tart with vanilla pastry cream and pate sucree crust

fresh strawberry cake:  vanilla cake and vanilla italian buttercream layers with sliced strawberries

chocolate walnut “ruffle” cake:  layered chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream topped with toasted walnuts and melted chocolate swirls

50th birthday cake: bottom layer – chocolate cake with mocha buttercream and coffee liqueur, middle layer – “pink velvet” cake with cream cheese frosting, top layer – chocolate cake with cookies ‘n cream buttercream frosting

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2 thoughts on “april showers bring… well, may showers!

  1. Renee on said:

    They all look so yummy!!!!!

  2. I’m craving a tart now. Dang.

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