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sugar free = taste free? not in this kitchen!

this past week, a couple of people have asked me about sugar and finding substitutes for it in baking.  i’m not usually the one to substitute ingredients in my baking for the sake of one less calorie – my stance:  it’s all or nothing!  usually, i will take nothing over a dessert that has been desecrated with carob over chocolate or apple sauce over butter (gasp!).  but, that doesn’t mean a recipe cannot be created to fit into a healthy lifestyle.

for instance, my lovely roommate graced me with the news that Dr. Oz basically says that sugar is evil and should be thrown out of the house.  as a baker, i was ready to attack with pitchforks and torches!  but as someone who doesn’t necessarily care to actually eat desserts on a normal basis (what kind of pastry chefam i??), i was ready to tackle the notion of “healthy desserts”!

i get overzealous during the summer and all the fruit and vegetables that are readily available in our area.  last weekend i went to some fruit stands in Suisun Valley and bought a whole bunch of nectarines, white peaches, figs, and berries.  they were ripening way faster than i could eat them, so yesterday i decided to make mini sugar-free galettes with whole wheat pate brisee dough.  hey – don’t scrunch up your face just yet!!

it’s a very simple dessert.  take your favorite pate brisee (aka pie dough), and use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose.  cut up some fruit, toss it with cornstarch, Splenda, and cinnamon and enrobe the fruit in your dough… voila!  you get a dessert with no added sugar that is healthy and delicious!  ok, maybe not so healthy with the amount of butter in my favorite pate brisee recipe!  but, if you are watching your sugar intake, this is a perfect dessert.  i also made a sugar-free, vanilla bean mascarpone cream topping that added a creaminess to the pie.  so go out there and try a sugar-free dessert!!  then come back to me, and i will relieve you of your insanity! 🙂  just kidding!!

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3 thoughts on “sugar free = taste free? not in this kitchen!

  1. Michele on said:

    Nice!! I decided not to eat desserts…no more donuts, pastries, cakes, pies. Sigh. I know I will love myself for it. Boo!

  2. I was going to say!! Ha! Michele? Never… besides, who would eat my mess-ups??

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