mix. whisk. bake.

where did the summer go???

As I am typing this post, there is a piece of tissue stuck up my nose and I am contemplating going to bed at 8:30.  Yes, I am sick, folks.  It’s been the hardest day just trying to make myself rest, when in the past two months, there has been none.  This past summer, it has been non-stop baking, even pulling a few all nighters, like I was back in college again!  So, today, I’m forcing myself to be laid up in bed and to get rest, because next week it’s back to the baking again.

But seriously, where in the heck did the summer go?  I didn’t even have a chance to complain about it being too hot!  I guess that’s a good thing, though.  We are one week into the Fall season and my mind and mixer are already gearing up for the holiday baking season!  But before then, here are a few pictures of how I spent my summer — in cake.  Enjoy!

Did I tell you that I work at a bakery once a week?  I like the fact that I can get some commercial baking experience under my belt and am allowed to get creative with some of the cake designs.  Here is a three layer red velvet cake I made for the bakery.  It’s a whole heck of a lot more difficult to write with buttercream, sideways, in a language you barely know.  Yes, I know, I took 3 semesters of college Spanish.  All I learned how to do was the Macarena…

Do you know what this is?  It’s called an xbox 360.  So, every teenage boy knows the length, width, and height of the box, the exact curvatures of the game controller, and apparently you get called out and ridiculed if you accidently call the controller a “joy stick”.  Yeah, I’m talking about you, dear nephew… and Atari is KING!!!

Here’s another one from the bakery.  Who knew I could make a wedding cake in 5 hours?  Only because I just found out that I had to make a wedding cake in 5 hours!  It was all good…  leave it to ‘ol Martha Stewart with her handy dandy ruffle cake design to make any impromptu wedding cake a success!  Add a few fresh flowers in the proper places and you have an elegant cake for the blushing bride…

Bakugan!  Gesundheit!  This is another “boy” cake that I had to call upon the nephews for clarification!  Don’t ask me – my generation was GI Joe, Thundercats and Transformers (the REAL ones!).  Nevertheless, a great edible image is the ultimate solution for a clean looking cake – especially if the baker is asked to design Bakugan, and in her head she thinks of a type of sushi.

I’m so lucky to have a family that understands that I just stayed up all night to complete an order and even though it’s their birthday tomorrow, they request simple chocolate cupcakes.  I’M A HORRIBLE DAUGHTER!!!  And I have a WONDERFUL MOTHER!!!

That’s what I’m talking about!!  Transformers!!  More than meets the eye…  red velvet center.  Kids love the red velvet!

I loved making this cake, even though this one was an all-nighter.  It made me miss Disneyland… I used to have an annual pass you know, and go every week, even if it was just for an hour to do a “Disney workout” and circle the perimeter of the park.  I wanted so bad to put on the Minnie Mouse hat… but it was made out of rice krispy treats and fondant and it would have totally stuck to my hair… and it would have been gross for the customer.  So no, I refrained.  But yeah… I’m dreamy for Disneyland!

My attempt at making a cake look “manly”!!  Did it work?  Or do I need to stick some power tools on the top??

One of my last projects in September was a cupcake fundraiser for a friend’s mission trip to an orphanage in Myanmar.  Do you know what I would give to hand out these cupcakes in person to those precious orphans?  One day… In the meantime, we raised some moolah for the trip and satisfied some sweet tooths (teeth?) in return.  Thanks to those of you who supported this great cause!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  I know I have been too lax in my posts, but I promise – as the excitement of the holiday baking beckons, I will share the sweet treats with you all… virtually of course! ;P

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