mix. whisk. bake.

why, hello spring!

Sooo…. happy new year!!  Yeah, I’m a tad late, but once you see all these pictures I’m about to post, you will see why I haven’t had time to update the ‘ol blog.  It’s been a pretty busy spring in my little checkerboard kitchen.  Birthdays, weddings, fundraisers and family get togethers all require a little bit of sugar, right?  Right.  So here it goes…

spring started out with a red and white cake… a wedding cake that is… well, a princess cake to be exact – vanilla sponge, raspberry jam, and pastry cream filling.  to hold all the tiers together, it was wrapped in fondant, rather than the traditional marzipan.

you have to have cupcakes right?  well, not so much in my world – i have to have raw kale and carrot sticks!  but for the rest of the world – you gotta have cupcakes!  birthday cupcakes with striped edible sugar disks.

there were many cakes this spring!  one way to crave raw kale instead of cake is to make about 50 of them…  seriously.

Thomas the Train – what 3 year old can resist?  And might I add, that this 3 year old has a very sophisticated palate to request chocolate hazelnut buttercream… ok, so he requested Nutella!  Hurray for the Nutella advertisements saying it’s okay to have it for breakfast AND dessert!

50th birthday cake – purple and gold.

This camouflage cake was made for a young man who was being deployed to Afghanistan.  Love and prayers to him.

Ok, so technically I didn’t make this cake… and technically, yes it’s a stack of mini Hostess donuts…  Hey – it was requested of the birthday girl – and do you see anyone NOT happy in this picture?  That’s right – ha!

There’s a story to this cake…  Let’s just say it involves a guy (a sibling, perhaps?) and a long-running joke… and a certain movie about a boat, and how he’s king of the world!  That’s all I will reveal, and I won’t mention any names! :p  Oh, and the cake is a coconut cake that it supposed to double for an iceberg.  Tacky??  Of course.

One lone French macaron… on a 19th century French plate I found for $10 at an antique store.  Quaint, right?  Not threatening at all…  Well, multiply it by 1800 cookies and you got yourself one mighty successful fundraiser and a bunch of tired bakers.  I’m banking on my nephew taking care of me in my old age… and I will always use “remember the time I baked hundreds of macarons for you?” as a bargaining chip.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do when you need a ride from Target to the Senior Citizen Center!!

Said cookie fundraiser… now imagine 75 of these boxes being made in 2 weeks.  It happened.

Yes, I know this picture isn’t of yummy, baked goods.  It’s a picture that I took on my mini vacation in Venice Beach.  I’m no sucker – this girl knows when it’s time to take a break!


These pictures are for a little project I’m working on.  I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag just quite yet.  But soon enough, you will see these pictures again… oh yes, you will!

April showers bring May flowers… worked on these cookie favors just last weekend.  Who needs sleep?  In addition to the cookie favors, I thought I’d just go right ahead and make 4 cakes in one night… Who needs sleep?  So, who needs sleep?  I’m supposing I do.  Yeah, I do!

All packaged up, and me trying to hock my wares to all the party go-ers!  A girl has got to pay her bills, somehow!

So the spring season started with a red and white cake and it ended with 4 red and white cakes.  It was my first time making Charlotte cakes and thanks to this little cookbook, making the lady fingers that surround the cake was a lot easier than assembling them one by one.  It’s those tricks of the trade that I greatly appreciate, especially when you’ve only had 2 hours of sleep and your cakes are due in 2 hours!  I’m hoping that with more practice and with all the orders that keep coming in this summer, I’ll be able to offer my very own tricks!  Wait, what?  Yes, I need sleep.

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2 thoughts on “why, hello spring!

  1. Babe on said:

    Well, I’m off kale now! I’d like a camoflage cream cake and a lifeguad station at the beach, please!

  2. Gorgeous and delicious!!

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